AEOFA is a society of certified audio engineers around the world. We certify each and every individual audio engineer who meets the industry quality standards. Receiving a certification from AEOFA is staple that, you the audio engineer is professional, and will provide industry quality work. This staple will allow you to get jobs in the audio field with notoriety and respect. Every member of the AEOFA family will be certified. With certification comes offers. We offer audio engineers jobs across the world by working with recording studios, broadcast stations, and on-air media. Our mission is to verify & certify every audio engineer in america. We want to provide our engineers with top information and opportunities. At AEOFA, we will provide the world with the best quality audio work.

My Vision

Our Association/Certification/Organzation Website. On this site, we will provide our paper white, have applications for AEOFA certification, and for AEOFA members.

About the company

Our listing/marketplace/directory website for audio engineers. Producers, artists, & studio owners may contact you via the listed information on the site.