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AEOFA is a business, society, & organization. We are in the business of listing. We list audio engineers across the country on a platform that studio owners, producers, & managers, etc, come across you – who can then contact and do business with you personally. We are a business of production. We aim to have AEOFA studios in 3 states, IL, CA, & NY. These studios will contain all audio workstations – from recording studios, to pod-cast stations, to score studios for visual audio. Our business will flourish our opportunities.We are a society. We stand together as one. All audio engineers who are working audio to make a living deserve a guild they can also call home. Thats AEOFA. Finally, we are a organization that helps each other. We help each other by finding innovative ways to make audio sound better. This includes audio engineering seminars, group meetings, and events. With each, we all learn more which helps us all grow and thrive together as a team.

An AEOFA Certification is a certificate of recognition. We have our professional reps review your work, question your work, and validate it. After you become a AEOFA member, and your work is validated, if it meets the AEOFA audio industry standards, you will then be giving a AEOFA certificate. This certificate tells clients that you are a professional in audio engineering, and understand the quality of work. With this certification, it says you will get the job done, and you are more acceptable then an engineer without an AEOFA Certificate.

As a member of AEOFA, you can receive a wide verity of offers. From job offers such as, live show engineer, recording engineer, news broadcast audio engineer, etc. You can also receive job offers directly from us which we can place you in a studio we are affiliated with for work. Last, you can also receive fun offers such as paid for trips, merchandise, meet and greets with celebrities, and more. Its a honor to be a member of an audio engineering society where each other, helps each other.

In conclusion, AEOFA is a organization and society of certified professional audio engineers, who help to make this world better each day by sound. We help by providing you quality audio that you enjoy. Our engineers around the world are certified by industry standards. Our mission is to provide audio knowledge & great quality audio to the world. We encourage all audio engineers to sign up with AEOFA. We are a society, organization, & business that the world needs. Audio Engineers Of America.

Adrian Harvey II (Owner) – & (2020-2021)